J.R. short is one of the largest domestic and leading global suppliers of extruded intermediates to the snack food and quick-service restaurant industries
Innovative Freeze Dried Food is a manufacturer of freeze dried fruits, vegetables, and dairy products for food manufacturers and retailers
Mercer Foods is a recognized leader in freeze-dried fruits and vegetables. The company owns and operates a large facility and is headquartered in Modesto, CA
Gladson is a business services company and the leading provider of syndicated consumer packaged goods data
The Company is a leading manufacturer and marketer of premium natural and organic food products in the United States
Maxi is a manufacturer of processed, frozen chicken products marketed under the Yummy brand
Cal Pacific Specialty Foods is the largest industrial processor of strawberries in North America
Wenner Bread Products is a leading producer of breads and rolls sold to in-store bakery and food service
Health Valley Company markets a leading brand of natural and organic products in the cereal, soup and baked goods
Breadshop Natural Foods originated crunchy granola breakfast cereal. The company was based in Santa Cruz, CA
Casbah Sahara Natural Foods markets a leading brand of all natural ethnic packaged foods
Kosa/CelPack is a manufacturer of flexible packaging for the meat industry